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DEWALT DCFS950P2 18V XR Brushless Fencing Stapler (2 x 5Ah)

DEWALT DCFS950P2 18V XR Brushless Fencing Stapler (2 x 5Ah)

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Introducing the DEWALT DCFS950P2-GB 18V XR Brushless Fencing Stapler (2 x 5Ah): the ultimate solution for your agricultural fencing needs. This cordless wonder is designed to streamline your workflow, providing unparalleled convenience and efficiency. Say goodbye to the hassles of gas, compressors, and hoses, and welcome a new era of fencing with the power of 100% battery operation.

Unlock Efficiency with Cordless Power:
Experience the freedom of cordless operation with the DEWALT DCFS950P2. No more tangled hoses or noisy compressors disrupting your work environment. With this innovative fencing stapler, you're free to move swiftly and effortlessly across your fencing projects without being tethered to a power source.

Precision at Your Fingertips:
Equipped with rapid cycle or sequential firing modes and a tool-free selectable trigger, the DEWALT DCFS950P2 Fencing Stapler offers unparalleled control over your fastening operation. Whether you prefer rapid-fire action or methodical precision, this tool adapts to your workflow, ensuring every staple is placed exactly where you need it.

Versatile and Reliable:
Built for the rigors of agricultural fencing and utility applications, the DEWALT DCFS950P2 is a true workhorse. From woven wire fences to boundaries, cattle fences to horticulture projects, this stapler tackles them all with ease. Its compatibility with DEWALT 9 GA fencing staples in various sizes (sold separately) further enhances its versatility, ensuring compatibility with a wide range of applications.

Key Benefits:
- Cordless operation for unparalleled freedom and mobility
- Rapid cycle or sequential firing modes for optimized control
- Tool-free selectable trigger for precise actuation modes
- Versatile compatibility with DEWALT 9 GA fencing staples
- Ergonomic design for comfortable extended use

- 1x DCFS950 9 GA Fencing Stapler
- 2x DCB184 18V XR Premium Lithium Ion Batteries (5.0 Ah)
- 1x DCB115 Charger
- 1x Heavy-duty Carry Case
- 1x Manual

Ready to revolutionize your fencing projects? Take advantage of the power and convenience of the DEWALT DCFS950P2 18V XR Brushless Fencing Stapler. Order yours now and experience the difference firsthand.


- Adjustable belt hook for user preference
- Variable power settings for multiple staple lengths
- Tool-free depth adjustment for precise staple depth
- Low staple lockout to prevent dry firing
- Multi-angle contact trip for fast, accurate staple placement
- Compatible with DEWALT 20V MAX* batteries

Download the complete DEWALT DCFS950P2 Fencing Stapler manual here.


- Woven wire fences
- Cattle fences
- Boundary fences
- Horticulture projects
- Rural utilities


Rest assured with DeWalt's 3 Year Limited Warranty, 1 Year Free Service, and 90 Days Satisfaction Guarantee. DeWalt stand behind the quality of their products and will repair any defects due to faulty materials or workmanship within the specified warranty period, free of charge.

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