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Everbuild 502 Wood Adhesive 1-25 Litres (D3)

Everbuild 502 Wood Adhesive 1-25 Litres (D3)

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Everbuild 502 Wood Adhesive: Your Perfect Partner in everyday Wood Bonding Solutions.

Tired of wood-bonding adhesives that just don't stick? Say hello to your new go-to adhesive: Everbuild 502 All Purpose Weatherproof Wood Adhesive. This resin-based adhesive is your ticket to seamless wood bonding.

Experience the power of rapid curing with our Everbuild 502 Wood Adhesive. With an initial setting time of just 10 minutes, you'll achieve a bond that's not only fast but incredibly durable.

Whether you're tackling internal joinery projects or braving the elements with external wood bonding, Everbuild 502 is your new trusty companion. From furniture assembly to household DIY endeavors, this adhesive is an ideal all-in-one solution for superior wood bonding.


Key Benefits:

  • Superior Strength: This renowned Everbuild adhesive provides a high-strength, impact-resistant bond that surpasses the strength of the wood itself, ensuring your products withstand the test of time.
  • Non-Staining Formula: Worried about unsightly stains ruining your hard work? Fear not! Everbuild 502 dries clear, leaving behind a professional finish without any discolouration.
  • D3 Grade Water Resistance: Certified to the international standard EN 204 (D3) and BS 14256 for creep resistance, the 502 adhesive boasts a high degree of waterproofing - perfect for applications where joints may encounter short-term water exposure or high humidity.
  • Environmentally Friendly: We care about our planet just as much as you do. Everbuild 502 is formulated with an environmentally friendly, water-based formula for guilt-free timber bonding.
  • Rapid Curing: With an initial set time of just 10 minutes, you'll enjoy rapid curing that gets the job done efficiently, saving you time and effort.
  • Easy Clean-Up: No more hassle with cleanup! Our water-based formula ensures easy cleanup, so you can focus on your next project without worrying about the mess.


Ready to elevate your woodworking game? Click above to secure a tub of your own!


For detailed specifications and technical information, download our spec sheet here.


  • All general woodworking and joinery applications
  • Furniture assembly
  • Household DIY projects
  • Interior and exterior wood bonding
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