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Everbuild Lumberjacks 5 Minute PU Wood Adhesive Gel

Everbuild Lumberjacks 5 Minute PU Wood Adhesive Gel

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Everbuild Lumberjack's 5 Minute PU Wood Adhesive Gel - the ultimate solution for swift and sturdy wood bonding needs. This adhesive gel boasts unparalleled efficiency and reliability, setting hard in just 5 minutes, revolutionising your woodworking experience.


Unleash the Power of Swift Bonding

Say goodbye to tedious waiting times with this Everbuild Lumberjack fast-setting formula. While traditional PVA glues take 8-12 hours to fully set, this adhesive gel slashes the time to just 5 minutes, giving you more time to do what you do best - joinery!


Exceptional Strength, Rain AND Shine

With exceptional bond strength to wood and most common building surfaces, Everbuild Lumberjack's adhesive gel ensures your projects stand the test of time. Whether it's indoor carpentry or outdoor installations, rest assured that your projects are fortified against the elements with the excellent weathering and aging properties of Everbuilds 5-minute polyurethane adhesive gel.


Built to Last, Built to Protect

Engineered to withstand the harshest conditions, this Lumberjack adhesive gel is fully waterproof to EN204 D4 standards, including resistance to seawater. Its excellent chemical resistance further enhances its durability, providing you with peace of mind for a job well done.


Versatile Performance for Every Project

Experience the versatility of Everbuild Lumberjack's adhesive gel as it foams slightly upon application, filling small gaps and enhancing overall bond strength. From general wood joining to intricate furniture manufacturing, from boat building to insulation adhesive needs, the Everbuild 5-minute polyurethane adhesive gel is your solution.


Key Benefits:

  • Fast setting – 5-minute set (Typical PVA-based wood glue = 8-12 hours)
  • Exceptional bond strength to wood and most common building surfaces
  • Internal and external use - excellent weathering and aging properties
  • Fully waterproof to EN204 D4, including seawater
  • Slight foaming on application to fill small gaps and increase overall bond strength
  • Excellent chemical resistance


Experience the pinnacle of woodworking excellence with Everbuild Lumberjack's 5 Minute PU Wood Adhesive Gel. Join with confidence - secure yours now and witness the difference in your timber projects!


  • Colour: Transparent
  • Size: 310ml
  • Conforms to EN 204 D4 Strength

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  • General wood jointing and construction
  • Window and door frame manufacture
  • Door manufacture
  • Furniture manufacture
  • Boat building
  • Construction of staircases and ladders
  • High-quality insulation adhesive for foam/glass wool/fibre boarding
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