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Everbuild Mitre Fast Bonding Kit (10 Second Bonds)

Everbuild Mitre Fast Bonding Kit (10 Second Bonds)

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Everbuild Mitre Fast Bonding Kit – the ultimate solution for swift and sturdy assembly in the furniture, timber, kitchen, and plastics industries. Engineered for efficiency, this two-part instant adhesive system will revolutionise your workflow, delivering impeccable bonds in under 10 seconds time.

Crafted with a high-viscosity adhesive, Mitre Fast ensures low soak-in, offering unparalleled bond strength, especially on porous surfaces. With bonds forming within a mere 10 seconds, you'll breeze through projects with unrivalled efficiency, leaving plenty of time to measure and cut accurately.


Key Benefits Include:

  1. Instant Bonding: With bonds forming in under ten seconds, your productivity is elevated.
  2. Superior Strength: Engineered with a high-viscosity adhesive, Mitre Fast delivers unmatched bond strength, ensuring your projects stand the test of time.
  3. Efficient Application: With its aerosol activator, achieve precise and controlled application; whether on-site or in the workshop, the Mitre Fast Bonding Kit by Everbuild will streamline your process.
  4. Versatile Usage: From MDF to rubber, PVCu to metals, Mitre Fast caters to a myriad of materials, offering versatility throughout all your joinery requirements.
  5. Economical Solution: Extremely cost-effective bonding, all without compromising on quality, making every application a testament to your craftsmanship.


Transform your projects from mundane to magnificent with the Everbuild Mitre Fast Bonding Kit. Embrace the future of bonding – click above and secure your own today!


For detailed specifications, download our spec sheet here.


  • Furniture assembly
  • Timber joinery
  • Kitchen fittings
  • Plastics fabrication
  • MDF bonding
  • Rubber applications
  • PVCu assembly
  • Metal bonding
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