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Senco 31 Fencing Staples 31FS33FAAT, 31FS40FAAT

Senco 31 Fencing Staples 31FS33FAAT, 31FS40FAAT

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Senco 31 Fencing Staples:

We do like a lucky horseshoe!

Here we have the Senco 31 Type Fencing Staples, in leg lengths of 33mm and 40mm. These horseshoe shaped staples are for use with the Senco GT40FS Gas Fencing Stapler

These large fencing staples can be used alongside the Senco GT40FS for any of your wooden fencing needs, including attaching wire to wood. The staples are hot-dipped galvanised, and are designed with a diversion point at the end of each leg. This means they will twist when driven into wood, giving the staples extra holding power that will keep your projects secure for longer. The 31 Type Staples also come with 2 Gas Cells – all you need now is the tool!


The Senco Fencing Staples sizes are in leg lengths of 33mm or 40mm.

The Fencing Staples 33mm come in boxes of 2,700 along with 3 Gas Cells. The Fencing Staples 40mm come in boxes of 2,100 along with 2 Gas Cells.

All lengths of staple have a Crown Width of 12.2mm, and a wire thickness of 3.3mm.

All are galvanised fencing staples. 


Remember you can call us on 0333 8000 345 or you can send us a message with any stapling and nailing questions you may have for our experts!

Take a look at the Senco Type 31 Staples and the Senco GT40FS in action in our YouTube here in the specification tab.

More Specification

  • Staple Leg Length - 33mm or 40mm
  • Staple crown width - nominal - 12,2mm
  • Staple wire size - 3,15mm
  • Staple thickness - 3,15mm
  • Pointangle (nominal) - 90
  • Point type - Divergent Point
  • Collation Type  1 - Taped Strip
  • Collation angle - 0o
  • Gauge - 10ga
  • Wire material - Hot Dipped galvanised corrosivity Class 3
  • Finish - Plain
  • Packaging
  • Quantity - 27000/ 2100 per TUB
  • Gas - 2
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