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Flooring Beginner Kit: Flooring Nailer, Silent Compressor and Airline

Flooring Beginner Kit: Flooring Nailer, Silent Compressor and Airline

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Flooring Coil Nailer and Compressor Beginner Kit.

The all-in-one solution to starting out pneumatic flooring!

So what exactly is included?

Just to make your life a little bit easier, we’ve grouped together some flooring contractor essentials into one handy kit. We have the powerful RGN45 Coil Nailer that can drive both plastic and wire collated coils; we then have one of our customer favourites – Ace & K's Evolve Eco silent 6l compressor; and to tie it all together, a 10m Coiled Airline. With the combined power of the compressor and the coil nailer, alongside the MyToolkit Approved status, you know you can rely on this kit to get the job done. Simply add your nails to the mix and you’re good to go! 


RGN CN-45 Mini Coil Nailer (19-50mm)

This well balanced, fast, lightweight  and reliable CN45 Nailer operates both Plastic Collated Nails (up to 22mm) and 15° Wire Collated Nails (up to 50mm) – Also available in Stainless Steel too!

Designed with fixing hardboard & plywood in mind, this robust nailer houses a nail depth control, easy twist exhaust, adjustable trigger firing mode and built in sound reducer feature. The magazine holds up to 400 conical wire welded nails or 200 plastic sheet collated nails.


Evolve Eco 6l Silent Compressor DD1030

The ultimate compressor for DIY'ers on a budget.

This 6l Ace & K compressor is the quietest compressor we currently stock, producing just 59dB of noise - 1dB less than the Senco AC8305 AND over 40% cheaper! 59dB of noise is about equivalent to the noise produced within a 2-way conversation - with this compressor, you're guaranteed not to disturb anyone. The structure has been designed and manufactured to provide the perfect, most affordable concoction of portability, durability, and practicality for all hobbyists and 'do-it-yourself(ers)'.


If you have any questions, be free to call the office on 0333 8000 345 or send us a message.

In the meantime, check out the video below where we round up the RGN CN-45 in a nutshell.


Nail Gun:

  • Depth Adjuster: Yes
  • Exhaust Type: 360 Adjustable
  • Trigger Type: Single Shot and Bump Fire
  • Safety: Nose
  • Adjustable Magazine: Yes
  • Dust Guard: Yes
  • Rubber Grip: Yes
  • Power: Air (Compressor)
  • Loading: Top
  • Fastener Type: 15 ° conical wire welded coil nails and flat plastic sheet collated nails 19-50mm
  • Nose Type: No Marr
  • Belt Hook: No
  • Easy Clear Jam: No
  • Carry Case: Yes
  • Dry Fire Lockout: No
  • Fastener View: Yes
  • Usage: Pro Industrial
  • Weight: 2Kg
  • Recommended pressure: 70psi to 100psi (5bar to 7bar)


  • Dimension (LxWxH) - 380x380x385mm
  • Net weight - 17.1 kg
  • Sound pressure level (Lpa)- 59dB
  • Voltage (ac) - 230V
  • Frequency - 50Hz
  • Nominal power (KW) - 0.75kW
  • Nominal power (HP) - 1HP
  • Rotations per minute (RPM) - 1450RPM
  • Tank capacity - 6 Litre
  • Max output pressure - 8 bar
  • Air drawn in - 105 litres/minute
  • Number of air outlets - 1


Ideal for fixing hardboard and plywood flooring sheets for sub-floor preparation 

  • Sub flooring
  • Fencing
  • Wall and roof sheathing
  • Fastening gypsum board, decorative board and other interior boards

A must for large flooring contractors or the professional that likes to get the job done correctly and efficiently 



1 year warranty Flooring Coil Nailer and Compressor Easy Kit

There are different warranty periods for different parts. Here is a breakdown of what is covered and for how long.

12 Month Warranty

This warranty covers all housing and the cap of the tool. This warranty does not cover normal wearing parts such as the bumper, driver blades, O-rings, and piston rings.

For more information see our Shipping and Returns policy.

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