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Flooring Coil Nailer and Compressor Easy Kit

Stapling and Nailing Supplies Ltd

Spot Nails SCN 45 Flooring Coil Nailer  is very fast and reliable. All packaged up with compressor and airline. The SCN Flooring Nail Gun is Flexible as it fires both Wire Collated Nails up to 2 inch 50 ml and the Plastic Collated Nails up to 28 ml.   Great bit of kit and all ready to go! Any Questions call 0333 8000 345 or drop us a line 

For use with:  Flat Ring Galvanized Plastic Collated Coil Nails and  Galvanized Conical Coil Nails 22 - 50 mm and Stainless Steel Conical Nails 22 - 50 mm

Flooring Coil nailer easy kit includes:

1) 240v Air Compressor (got a dryer and a lubricator built in and an air regulator)   2)  10 Metre Airline and Fittings, Uni flow (quick release couplings)  3) SCN45 45mm Conical Flooring Coil Nailer (takes plastic and wire coil nails) 4) Purpose built Carry Case for complete kit and lots of other bits and pieces

Please allow 4-7 working day lead time on this kit. Call or email the office to enquire about availability.

Nail Gun:

  • Fires both plastic and wire collated ring shank nails
  • Plastic collated Nails from 19 to 28 mm
  • Wire collated Nails from 22ml to 45 mm
  • Approximate number of nails per coil - 400
  • Adjustable depth of drive 


  • Weight 13 Kilos
  • Roll Cage Design Air Reservoir (Air Reservoir is built in to the framework, which protects the motor and dials when in transit )
  • Built in air regulator and lubricator
  • 2  HP Motor - 24 Vaults 
  • Oil Free Direct Drive


  • Purpose Built Carry Case:
  • Lockable
  • Handy Storage Boxes 
  • Wheels and extendable handle for ease of portability 


  • 10 Metre Airline, complete with uni-flow quick release couplings 

Ideal for fixing hard board and ply wood flooring sheets for sub-floor preparation 

A must for large flooring contractors or the professional that likes to get the job done correctly and efficiently 


£667.42 Inc. VAT

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