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Josef Kihlberg 32 Series Battery Top Stapler c.561B

Josef Kihlberg 32 Series Battery Top Stapler c.561B

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This one's a real head turner – here we have one of the most efficient, high-tech, and safe tools in MyToolkit history! We are excited to present the Josef Kihlberg Battery c.561B Top Carton Stapler. Now we know that Kihlberg is a premium brand, so top-quality tools are nothing less than expected from them, but boy have they exceeded themselves this time. The c.561B is easy to use so will help you be as efficient as possible in your industrial carton closing. It is lightweight with an ergonomic handle, as well as having exceptionally smooth recoil and low sound emissions. The c.561B can drive 32 Series Staples from 15mm to 18mm in leg length. Also, with no compressor needed, you can be as portable as you want around the workshop.

The tool is powered by a top-of-the-range Bosch 12V 6.0Ah Li-Ion battery, which gives the stapler enough power to drive up to 6000 staples per battery charge. Then comes the high-tech part – it has a digital interface and a LED status indicator, as well as being able to switch from manual, semi-automatic to automatic operating modes. The c.561B is also one of the safest tools on the market, with a safety latch, surface detection, trigger finger detection, and maintenance safety features. 

So even with all of these fantastic features, there is still so much more! The standard c.561B has all of the features listed above, but there are more versions of this top stapler available:

  • Kihlberg c.561B22– This version of the top stapler drives 32 Series Staples in 22mm in length, for when projects need that bigger staple
  • Kihlberg c.561BFL – This version has a laser light coming out of the front of the tool, which helps you keep lined up when stapling
  • Kihlberg c.561B22FL – This version has both the 22mm 32 Series Staple capacity, as well as the front laser
  • Kihlberg c.561BCL – This version has two cross-laser lights, one from the front and one from the side of the tool. This allows exact and straight staple placement at all times
  • Kihlberg c.561B22CL – This version has both the 22mm 32 Series Staple capacity, as well as the two cross laser lights

If you’re looking for something a little bigger in staple size, there is the a.560B 35 Series Carton Closer, which comes in all of the same variations as this 35 Series range.



  • Depth Adjuster: Clinch and Depth
  • Trigger Type: Manual, Semi-auto and automatic modes
  • Exhaust Type: Rear
  • Safety: Secondary safety trigger, Trigger finger detector, Box sensor
  • Power: Bosch Li-Ion 12v 4.0 Ah Battery
  • Loading: Top
  • Fastener Type: 17 Gauge 32 Series 32mm Crown Staples
  • Nose Type: Flat
  • Belt Hook: No
  • Easy Clear Jam: Yes
  • Carry Case: No
  • Dry Fire Lockout: No
  • Fastener View: Yes
  • Usage: Pro Industrial
  • Weight: 2.7 kg
  • Made to Order in Sweden
  • Joist Hanger
  • CE declared: Yes
  • 6000 Staples per charge
  • Battery indicator
  • 80 Minute battery charge
  • Optional laser Guidance
  • Removable magazine for tool lockout
  • Includes 1 x Bosch Li-Ion 12v 4.0 Ah Battery
  • 230V Charger


  • Sealing packed cardboards from the outside


1 year warranty Josef Kihlberg Top Stapler 561-15PN

Kilhberg offer different warranty periods for different parts. Here is a breakdown of what is covered and for how long.

12 Month Warranty

This warranty covers all housing and the cap of the tool. This warranty does not cover normal wearing parts such as the bumper, driver blades, O-rings, and piston rings.

For more information see our Shipping and Returns policy.

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