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OK 2nd Fix Small Gas Fuel Cell (1 x 18g)

OK 2nd Fix Small Gas Fuel Cell (1 x 18g)

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Rocket fuel for your tool!

The more than OK, OK Fuel Cells are what you need for giving your gas stapler or nailer that ultimate working power. The 18g cells have been specially designed to work in a large range of environments and temperatures.

Each cell can power up to 1,000 shots. The OK cells are top of the range quality and are manufactured in Europe.  You can keep these fuel cells and still be safe to use them for up to 24 months after production! Why not stock up on some – you know you’ll need them soon!


As always if you need any help or advice, feel free to ring us on 0333 8000 345 or send us a message! NB Price is for one cell.


  • CE certified high pressure fuel cells for Europe in accordance to DIN EN 12205
  • Designed and manufactured in Germany making these a premium quality fuel cell
  • High pressure fuel cell with approved can and approved valve, meaning this is safe for you
  • Long shelf life - no leakage until the valve is fitted
  • Improved and clean high performance gas formulation propane/butane mix for continuous working
  • Less maintenance than inferior fuel cells
  • Advanced synthetic lubrication, means the fuel burns cleaner when fired, meaning more in the way of intervals between servicing
  • Fully synthetic oil contained in the fuel for constant lubrication and no piston jamming.
  • Environmentally friendly CFC free
  • Extended winter working functions from temperatures -15°C to 50°C
  • High precision dosage metering valve for lower fuel consumption
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