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Omer 50 Series Stapler (4-16mm) OMER50.16

Professional use: Omer 50 series Stapler Industrial Quality Tool used in many large furniture factories. This stapler is made in Italy to the highest specifications. 

This air stapler is ordered in line with demand because it is hand made. To order and check availability call 0333 8000 345 or write to us here. 


  • Fires 4mm - 16mm Staples Available from us
  • P.S.I. 70 - 90lbs 
  • Weight 1.98kgs
  • Capacity : 185 Staples

Excellent for:

  • Upholstery
  • Furniture
  • Picture frames,
  • Shoe making
  • Dust covers
  • TV or stereo sets
  • Home insulation
  • Felt insulation
  • Casebacks production
  • Trimming.