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Rapid 13 Series Hand Stapler (4-14mm) R33

Stapling and Nailing Supplies Ltd

Professional Use, Semi Professional Use, DIY (Home Improvement) 

Rapid 33 hand stapler is high quality and Swedish made. This tool is light, durable and easy to operate.

The spring operates with no penetration which makes it efficient. Highly popular stapler uses 13 series staples firing up to 14mm in leg length 

  • Staple Type: 13 Series 
  • Staple Length: 4mm - 14mm 
  • Finish: Steel Casing 
  • Recoil less: Yes 
  • Noise Damper: Yes 
  • Lock Function: Yes

Excellent for:

  • Decorative work
  • Fine Upholstery
  • Lining Coffins 

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