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Rapid 13 Series Hand Stapler (4-10mm) R13, 20443901

Rapid 13 Series Hand Stapler (4-10mm) R13, 20443901

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Rapid 13 Series Hand Stapler (4-10mm) R13

The most colourful tool in your collection!

The Rapid 13 Series R13 Hand Stapler is one that you certainly won’t lose around the workshop! While the mechanisms and driving capabilities of this stapler are identical to the Rapid R23, the casing is slightly different. Like the R23, the internal parts of the R13 are all steel wear mechanism making them durable and reliable. Also, as the R13 only drives 13 Series Staples from 4mm to 8mm in leg length, there is no excess tension built up by the internal spring and therefore the stapler is nice and easy to operate and compress.

Now if you thought the R23 was lightweight, the R13 is even lighter due to its plastic casing. Its handle also comes with a lock function meaning it can be compactly stored if you don’t have a lot of space. We recommend the R13 for both DIY and Semi-professional environments as it is fantastic for working with a diverse range of textiles, fastening quilts, leather work, and even for coffin linings!


Don’t hesitate to get in contact with us if you have any questions! You can either phone us on     0333 8000 345 or you can use our online contact form!

Take a look at the YouTube video below on the Rapid 23! All the same mechanisms, inner workings and driver capability – just a different body material!


  • Staple Type: 13 Series 
  • Staple Length: 4mm - 10mm 
  • Finish: Plastic Casing 
  • Recoil less: Yes 
  • Noise Damper: Yes 
  • Lock Function: Yes


Excellent for:

  • Decorative work
  • Upholstery
  • DIY
  • Coffin lining


3 year warranty Rapid 13 Series Hand Stapler (4-8mm) R13, 20443901 

Rapid offer different warranty periods for different parts. Here is a breakdown of what is covered and for how long.

3 Year Warranty

This warranty covers all housing and the cap of the tool. This warranty does not cover normal wearing parts such as the bumper, driver blades, O-rings, and piston rings.

For more information see our Shipping and Returns

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