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Rapid 140 Series Staple Gun (6-16mm) PS111, 5000052

Rapid 140 Series Staple Gun (6-16mm) PS111, 5000052

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Rapid 140 Series Stapler (6-16mm) PS111 

The perfect set! 

Here we have the Rapid 140 Series Air Stapler, also known by its model number, PS111. We all know Rapid is a quality brand, but this tool is honestly a piece of manufacturing excellence. The PS111 is great for projects and materials that need a little more holding power, such as stapling plastics or non-fibrous surfaces. It also works for common 140 Series applications such as insulation.

The body of the tool is lightweight magnesium, and when paired with the comfort grip handle, you’ll be stapling away for hours without any fatigue! The PS111 is compact and ergonomically designed and comes with the classic features of a stapler: nose safety, no-mar tip, an exhaust deflector and a quick load magazine. What sets the Rapid PS111 apart from its competitors is the fantastic set that the tool comes with. As well as a durable travel case, the PS111 comes with a pair of safety glasses, a pot of oil, a wrench, and 300 10mm staples to get you started. Whether you’re just getting started, or you just like everything compact into one – the PS111 can meet your needs.  

To get the most out of this firm favourite, pair it with the 140 Series Staples and with this tool driving lengths between 6mm and 16mm, the possibility for different applications is huge! We have both Galvanised and Stainless Steel finishes in stock, so whether you’re working inside or out, we’ve got you covered!  

    • Compact size and ergonomic for more comfort in use
    • Strong and durable Magnesium main body – lightweight
    • No-mar pad – to protect work surfaces
    • 360° adjustable air exhaust – keeps dust away from the work surface
    • Security lock system – safe for the operator
    • Quick loading system – to reload consumables fast
    • Comfort grip – reduce fatigue which increases productivity
    • Easy-to-Clear Mechanism – to remove jams fast and easy 


    • Shoot staples 6-16mm
    • Contact actuation Trigger
    • Reg.Operating Pressure 5-7 bar
    • Air Consumption at 5-7bar 0.26 – 0.29 litre
    • Air Inlet ¼ "NPT
    • Tool Weight 0,75 kg
    • Fastener Capacity 115
    • Nose Length 22mm
    • Nailing distance to the wall 14mm


    Insulation, Plastic sheeting, Ceiling tiles, Cardboard, Carpets, Roofing sheets


    2 year warranty Rapid 140 Series Staple Gun (6-16mm) PS111, 5000052 


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