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Rapid 606 Series Staple Gun (12-30mm) PBS121, 5000053

Rapid 606 Series Staple Gun (12-30mm) PBS121, 5000053

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Rapid 606 Series/ 18 Gauge Combination Stapler (12-30mm) PBS121

A combination of two of our favourite fastenings!

Here we have the Rapid 606 Series and 18 Gauge Combination Stapler, also known in the industry by the model number PBS121. This is an excellent tool for when you may not have a lot of space for storing your tools, or if you don’t want the hassle of having a stapler as well as a nailer if you don’t use either that often. This makes it perfect for you DIY-ers out there, and also for the professionals who need efficiency!

The PBS121 has a strong and durable magnesium body, but is quite lightweight for easy manoeuvrability. It has a 360° adjustable air exhaust to keep dust away from the workbench and the face. The stapler also has an adjustable depth of drive so you can personalise the drive to the material and desired finish. Simply place your chosen fastener into the easy load magazine and go – and then just replace with the other type when you want to swap – couldn’t be easier! Just to add to the fantastic features that this stapler has.

The PBS121 comes complete with a plastic carry case, safety glasses, oil pot, wrenches, 200 x 25mm 606 Series Staples and 200 x 25mm 18 Gauge Brads! Everything you need to get started!

Don’t hesitate to contact us on 0333 8000 345 with any stapling and nailing questions! Alternatively you can use our online contact form, or check out our social pages linked in the top left hand of the page!

In the meantime, this demo and review video could help you answer any questions you might have! 


  • Strong and durable Magnesium mainbody – light weight
  • Dual magazine for staples and brads
  • No-mar pad – to protect work surfaces
  • 360° adjustable air exhaust – keeps dust away from the work surface
  • Adjustable-depth-of-drive mechanism
  • Quick loading system – to reload consumables fast
  • Comfort grip – reduce fatigue which increase productivity


  • Shoot Staples 12-30mm and brads 15-30mm
  • Sequential actuation Trigger
  • Reg.Operating Pressure 5-7 bar
  • Air Consumption at 5-7bar 0.68 – 0.79 litre
  • Air Inlet ¼ "NPT
  • Tool Weight 1.2 kg
  • Fastener Capacity 130 staples/110 brads
  • Nose Length 20mm
  • Nailing distance to the wall 18mm


  • Skirting board installation
  • Baseboards
  • Furniture repairs
  • Paneling


 2 year warranty Rapid 606 Series Staple Gun (12-30mm) PBS121, 5000053

Rapid offer different warranty periods for different parts. Here is a breakdown of what is covered and for how long.

2 Year Warranty

This warranty covers all housing and the cap of the tool. This warranty does not cover normal wearing parts such as the bumper, driver blades, O-rings, and piston rings.

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