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Rapid No. 8 18 Gauge Galvanised Brad Nails, 40100532

Stapling and Nailing Supplies Ltd

Versatile and high quality, these high performance, Rapid’s 18 Gauge Galvanised Brads are ideal for a wide range of applications. Examples include: Moulding, Beading, Frames, Boats Soft and Hardwood Flooring, Theatre Sets, Stair Cases and much more in the way of general joinery

Swedish manufacturer,Isaberg Rapid AB are well known for their tools and fastenings, which are made to extremely high standards.

Once used, many of our customers will not switch brands and following 25 years of us supplying Rapid Staplers. We are now pleased to introduce their range of their No 8 Nails, a direct match to 1.8 Gauge. Much of our decision came about because of a) Repeated customer requests, b) Our long standing relationship with Rapid


Rapid claims on their mission statement that “they shall be the leading manufacturer worldwide”

In 1995 this brand advanced their previous ISO certificate achievement to the ISO 900. The international standard for quality control.

These original Rapid Brads have precision cut legs designed to optimise material penetration. Rapid state that they are solely focussed on the importance of producing staple and nail quality.


We supply the full range of leg lengths in boxes of 5,000. This works out as little as £3.20 for 1,000 for the 18/15mm – Amazing!

Sizes and codes:

1.8G 15mm – 40100532. 1.8G 19mm – 40100533. 1.8G 25mm – 40014272.

1.8G 30mm -40014273.  1.8G 35mm – 40100534.  1.8G 40mm  - 40100535.

1.8G 45mm – 40100536.  1.8G 50mm - 40100537

These Rapid No. 8 Brad Nails, known as 18 Gauge.  Also equate to other Manufacturer codes as follows: Omer – Brads 12. Bostitch -  BT1300. BeA – SK300. Kihlberg 512. Prebina -  JM. Senco – AX(AY) All designed to operate through 18 Gauge Nail Guns.

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Video demonstrates the difference between 16 Gauge & 18 Gauge Nails.

Slightly cheaper option for 18g brads here

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