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Rapid PRO R28E Stapler, 20511750

Rapid PRO R28E Stapler, 20511750

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Rapid PRO R28E Stapler

We don’t need to look fancy to do a great job!

The Rapid Pro R28E Cable Stapler may not be the most visually appealing tool in our workshop but what it lacks in good-looking packaging, it makes up for in quality and power! The R28E’s simple but sophisticated exterior design cases all steel-wear parts, which include a durable, easy-load magazine and an integrated noise dampener.

If you’re looking for a cable stapler for low-voltage cables up to 50V/4.5mm such as TV, Speaker and Alarm cables – then the R28E is perfectly suited for you. As well as being made to the highest quality using Swedish materials, Rapid has also developed this cable stapler alongside a leading physiotherapist.

Together they have patented a 3-Step Force Adjuster which means that you can use up to 40% less pressure each time you compress the handle – keep fatigue and cramps at bay for longer! There is also a switch so you can change the power required to suit your needs. Other fantastic features include a recoil-free mechanism, a lock function for easy storage and a great price to top it all off!  


Material             Steel
Dimensions       39 x 132 x 285
                          9-11 mm
Weight               0.88


Excellent for:

Cable installation


Telephone, TV, alarm, Speaker Cables


5 year warranty Rapid PRO R28E Cable Stapler, 20511750 


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