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Rapid PRO R36E Staple Gun Cable, 20511850

Rapid PRO R36E Staple Gun Cable, 20511850

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Rapid PRO R36E Cable Stapler 

Recommended by top physiotherapists!  

Introducing the Rapid PRO R36E Cable Stapler – a market leader when it comes to comfortable, yet highly effective cable fixing! Driving No. 7 and No. 36 cable staples from 10mm through to 14mm in leg length. The R36E has been designed in every way to make your working life easier.

This cable stapler features a recently developed patented 3-step force adjuster developed alongside a leading physiotherapist to help relieve the strain on your arms that repetitive use of other hand stapler types would give. In fact, using the R36E over a regular cable stapler means you are using up to 40% less pressure with each staple driven. All with the flip of a switch you can adjust the power – couldn’t be easier! The R36E also has a lock feature to compact it for easy storage, and a smooth functioning loading system.  

High durability, all-steel specialist stapler for cable installation. Suitable for low-voltage cables of maximum 50V up to 6 mm diameter - examples: telephone, TV, alarm, speaker cables etc. 


  • New! Easy to squeeze with 3 step force adjuster 
  • All-steel wear parts inside 
  • Made in Sweden 
  • Recoilless with noise damper 
  • Lock function for easy storage 
  • Smooth functioning loading system 
  • No 7 & 36 cable staples 10-14 mm
  • Material   - Steel
  • Dimensions - 39 x 132 x 28
  • Staple size - 10-14 m
  • Weight -   0.88 Kilos
  • Uses

    Excellent for:

    • Cable Installation:
    • Telephone
    • TV
    • Alarm
    • Speaker cables 
    • ...and more  


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