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Senco 17 Series Wide Crown Stapler (16-38mm) PS15XP

Senco 17 Series Wide Crown Stapler (16-38mm) PS15XP

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Why wouldn't you want this tool in your collection? 

The aesthetics of this Senco (PS15XP) 17 Series Wide Crown stapler are just phenomenal. This air-powered tool is one of a kind which could be considered one of the best in its class and between me and you, this tool is probably one of the best-looking gadgets we stock.

Typically used when stapling packaging to pallets, wire lathing, roof shingles, and butt-joints, this stapler has been developed for the most extreme of jobs. It's durable efficient, powerful, and best of all, easy to maintain. Senco has established the tool in their 'XtremePro' selection of products because of its outstanding driveability, robustness, and controllability.

The Senco 17 Series Wide Crown Stapler (PS15XP) has Senco's brand new 'EZ-Clear™' latch, making reloading a breeze. It's also built with an adjustable depth of drive positive locking mechanism, ensuring that over/underdrive won't be an issue for you, and last but not least, the new design of the driving track means the tool can do away with staple movements, which is claimed to cease virtually all firing jams.

Simply pair this tool with some of our 17 Series staples and a compressor then you're ready to tackle anything!

Don’t hesitate to call us on 0333 8000 345 or drop us a message if you have any stapling and nailing queries. We have experts with years of experience on hand to help!

Make sure you're buying the right tool for the job by watching the video below where we explain the uses of the various staple types out there.



  • Fastener type - Staples
  • Staple width - 26.5mm
  • Staple length - 16-38mm
  • Staple Wire Diameter - 1.40 x 1.60 (16 guage)
  • Length x width x depth - 380mm x 100mm x 230mm
  • Load capacity - 160 staples
  • Weight - 2.3kg
  • Operating pressure - 4.8 - 8.3 bar
  • Air consumption at 60 shots per minute - 90.00 l/m
  • Firing actuation - Dual
  • Includes case - Yes
  • Oil-free lubrication - No
  • Adjustable depth of drive - Yes


  • Stapling cardboard & packaging materials to wooden pallets
  • Pallet, crate, packing case manufacturers 
  • Roofing
  • Coffin manufacture
  • Tubs and barrels
  • Display/shopfitting & sign manufacture
  • Window Display and Shopfitting
  • Wire lathing
  • Foam insulation board
  • Furniture
  • Cabinet frames
  • Butt-joints


Senco offers a 5-year warranty excluding consumable parts which are subject to wear and tear

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