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Tacwise 17 Series Wide Crown Stapler (19-38mm) G1738V

Stapling and Nailing Supplies Ltd

Professional Use, Semi Professional Use, DIY (Home Improvement)

This Tacwise G1738V air powered heavy duty Wide Crown Stapler is a quality wide crown tool. Primarily used for stapling packaging materials to wooden pallets. Shingle on roofs, shop fitting and attaching lining to planters. Having numerous features this Staple Gun is tough, reliable and incorporates many neat features, such as a magazine stabilizing bar & high durability driver blade system. Fires Tacwise 17 series wide crown staples 19-38mm. This wide crown staple gun offers amazing features (take a look at the spec) for such a well priced Wide Crown Staple Gun.

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Tacwise 17 Series Wide Crown Stapler (19-38mm)

  1. Staple width - 26.5mm
  2. Staple length - 19-38mm
  3. Staple wire diameter - 1.40 x 1.60mm (16G)
  4. Length x Width x Deep: 276mm x 93mm x 271mm
  5. Length  x Width  x Depth : 276mm x 93mm x 271mm
  6. Weight: 3kg
  7. Load capacity staples: 140
  8. PSI: 70 - 120
  9. Max dBA sound/noise level on surface impact: 86
  10. Firing system: Contact trip
  11. Open (viewable) magazine system
  12. Neat rear exhaust system
  13. Soft rubber safety grip
  14. High capacity magazine
  15. High durability driver blade system
  16. Side mounted quick release loading system
  17. Non marking rubber foot
  18. Double power cylinder system

Excellent for:

  • Stapling cardboard & packaging materials to wooden pallets
  • Pallet, crate, packing case manufactuers 
  • Roofing
  • Coffin manufacture
  • Tubs and barrels
  • Display/shop fitting & sign manufacture
  • Window Display and Shopfitting 

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