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Tacwise 71 Series Air Staple Gun (3-16mm) A7116P

Tacwise 71 Series Air Staple Gun (3-16mm) A7116P

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Tacwise 71 Series Air Stapler (3-16mm) A7116P (premium) 

One for the professionals…

If you’re looking for a fine wire stapler for your upholstery business, then the Tacwise 71 Series Air Stapler, or the A7116P as it’s also known, is the tool for you. This air powered stapler is geared towards to professionals due to the robust frame and power that might not be present in other similar models.

The ‘P’ in the tool’ model number stands for ‘premium’ and the qualities that the A7116P has are certainly that! The slightly chunkier appearance means that this tool is perfectly suited to a workshop environment and is ready for intensive use.

The A7116P drives fine wire upholstery staples in lengths between 3mm and 16mm, which are available in 4 different finishes – including anti-rust Stainless Steel. Find them here! This tool can be used for a wide variety of applications including car trimmings, theatre scenery, coffin linings and many more. With so many possible combinations of uses, finishes and lengths… we can’t wait to see what you create!


Want to know if this tool is suitable for you? Why not ask our expert advice on 0333 8000 345 or contact us using our online form.

We also have a handy little video below giving a more visual introduction to this excellent tool, take a look!


  • Exhaust Type: Front
  • Trigger Type: Single Shot
  • Safety: No
  • Rubber Grip: Yes
  • Power: Air (Compressor)
  • Loading: Top
  • Fastener Type: 23g 0.64mm Thickness 9mm Crown Staples 3-16mm 
  • Nose Type: Semi-Long
  • Belt Hook: No
  • Easy Clear Jam: No
  • Carry Case: Yes
  • Dry Fire Lockout: No
  • Fastener View: No
  • Usage: Pro
  • Weight: 1.6Kg
  • PSI: 80-100 
  • Length of Nose: 1 inch / 25.4mm
  • Warranty: 12 Months


Excellent for:

  • Attaching wire mesh netting to wood
  • Coffin linings
  • Exhibition/show upholstery
  • Insulation & lining
  • Office screens
  • Pelmets, blinds & awnings
  • Theatre & film scenery
  • Upholstery & re-upholstery
  • Window display/shop fitting


12 mont warranty for the Tacwise 71 Series Air Staple Gun (3-16mm) A7116P

Tacwise statement: All our air tools have a twelve months return to base warranty against defective materials or workmanship. Consumable parts are subject to normal wear and tear.

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