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Work Safety Glasses

Work Safety Glasses

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Safety Glasses 

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Now we know that fashion isn’t your main concern when you’re on the job, but safety definitely should be! So we’ve combined the two!  

Introducing these fantastic new ZTEK Safety Glasses from Rollinsall you need for eye safety while you work.

These glasses are lightweight and comfortable to wear, as well as offering all important protection for your eyes. The lenses are 99% effective against harmful UV rays, and are approved for use whilst woodworking and machine working with power tools and on construction sites.  

We are offering these Safety Glasses in three styles to suit every worker: 

  1. A clear lens style (a classic for workshop use 
  2. tinted grey lens style  (our personal favourite) 
  3. indoor/outdoor lens (for the worker that’s always on the go) 

Choose your favourite style and add to the basket, and in no time you’ll be working safely and looking good!  

Spectacular (excuse the pun!) price too. Under a 'tenner'


  • Pyramex Part No. Lens Marking Temple Marking Rollins glass 
  • ES2510S 2C - 1.2 P 1 FCE CE P EN166 F Clear lens 
  • ES2520S 5 - 2.5 P 1 F CE CE P EN166 F Grey lens 
  • ES2580S 5 - 1.7 P 1 F CE CE P EN166 F Indoor/Outdoor lens I/O 


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