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Carton Closing Staplers

Chuck here,

I’m looking today at the available tools for closing the tops of cartons and we’re looking closely at the Stanley Bostitch range.

Cardboard Box

We find that the stapling of the tops of our cartons gives extra security and confidence when goods are in transit. If you are only fastening a small number of cartons the Manual version is ample for the job:

(Model No’s MS-3219-E MS-3519-E MS-3522-E)

Manual Carton Closer

You’ll notice there are 3 models taking different staples – 32 Series. (C Type Staple) & 35 Series. (A Type Staple) Unlike a lot of codes in this industry the code relates to the crown width of the staple ie. 32mm & 35mm………………simples!

Both staples are available in leg lengths of 15mm & 18mm. (With the exception of the 35 Series which is also available in 22mm leg length) The staple length can be selected depending on the thickness of card to be secured.

The manual version is very versatile and can be moved around the workshop and is suitable for low volume stapling.

When the volume of stapling is higher you may have a designated packaging station and (ideally) an air operated Top Sealer can be used (Sometimes referred to as Air Boxers).

Stanley Bostitch again have 3 models taking the 32 series & 35 Series Carton Closing Staples:

(Model No’s DS3219-E DS3519-E DS3522-E)

Air Powered Carton closer

For very high volume work the staples can be supplied in a roll formation where reloading is approx. every 1,000 applications as opposed to every 100. Stanley Bostitch have the model D62ADC-E to accommodate this type of volume work. Call us for advice on this one 0333 8000 345

Carton Closing Stapler

First Impression of range

The quality is as expected from this brand – very high and you can feel the durability of these tools. Loading of fasteners is very straight forward.

Adjustments can be made for depth of drive (Staple penetration) and how much staple you wish to bend over (Clinch). Instructions, I found, are very unclear as the manuals tend to be written as one will do for all – not Stanleys finest literature………..

Chuck rating 4

These are tools that certainly get the job done. Whether you’re closing a few cartons on an add hoc basis, or have a fully equipped high volume packing station, these tools will get the job done and deserve an overall 4 Star Chuck Rating.

All staple guns for use in the Carton Closing industry are here 

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