35 Series Carton Closing Staples

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35 Series Carton Closing Staples

Watch out for the coppers!

Of course we are talking about our 35 Series Carton Closing Copper Staples (try saying that 5 times fast!) These staples are just the right strength for making sure your boxes and packaging are as tightly sealed as can be, and the copper composition helps the staples to resist rust. The staples can be used in our 35 Series Carton Closing Staplers to help ensure the safety of your boxed goods from damage or theft.


The 35 Series Carton Closing Staples are available in leg lengths of 15mm, 18mm and 22mm. All three leg lengths are available in boxes of either 2,000 or 20,000 staples. All leg lengths have a Crown Width of 35mm.

Some Alternative Brand Codes

In this confusing industry, some brands call the same staple by different names. We’ve put together a short list of matching brand codes for the 35 Series Staples:

ATRO – A / BEA – 35 / KIHLBERG – 560 / OMER – 35 / PREBENA – B / SPOTNAILS – 138

If you need help with these staples or with any other stapling and nailing questions, don’t hesitate to contact us on 0333 8000 345or send a message to one of our experts.