32 Series Carton Closing Staples

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32 Series Carton Closing Staples

Keeping your cartons safe and secure!

Here is our range of 32 Series Carton Closing Staples! These have a large crown width and shorter leg lengths to ensure excellent holding power for industrially closing your cartons and boxes. The 32 Series Copper Staples are for use with our range of manual and air operated 32 Series Staplers.


Our 32 Series Staples are available in boxes of 2,000 in lengths 15mm and 18mm; in boxes of 20,000 in lengths 15mm and 18mm; and in boxes of 1,500 in lengths 22mm.

All sizes have a crown width of 32mm.

Some Alternative Brand Codes

Have a box of staples and unsure if these match? Take a look at the code on the box and compare with the ones below so you can be sure you are ordering the correct carton closing staples:

ATRO – C / BEA – 32 / KIHLBERG – 561 / OMER – 32 / PREBENA – R / SPOTNAILS – 3800

Give us a call on 0333 8000 345 or send us a message if you have any stapling and nailing questions. We’re here to help!