All about the 140 series and why a hammer tacker comes in handy

A 140 series Hammer Tacker 🔨 can Simply be the Answer 🔨

Here we conclude our tool poster series. Ending with 140 Series Staple Guns

Starting with some guidance around Hammer Tackers.  

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Learn About Strain Free Stapling You Will Love It

Learn About Strain Free Stapling You Will Love It

S’been a while since I’ve come out with a new fan-dangled tool review. So I got the gaffer to get some of Rapid’s brand spanking new stapler range - The Rapid Alu900 range. It has a fancy patented Powercurve technologyTM which reduces the force needed to operate hand staplers by 65%.

Developed by physiotherapists, the technology reduces hand and shoulder strain when stapling.

The Alu range has a 53 Series version and a 13 Series version for general purpose and upholstery stapling and also a 140 series version which is better on those fine fabrics, vinyl and leather.

Uses include: Upholstery – Textiles – Carpets – Canvas prints – Netting – Leather - Thin Board - Home decor 

We even have a really special introductory offer .....

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Hammer tackers, cable staplers, upholstery staplers and pliers - different hand staplers explained by mytoolkit

Shedding A Little Light On Hand Staplers And Their Differences

Hi Chuck again, Briefly talking this week about hand operated staplers. There are varying types and I thought I’d shed a little light on the main differentials. Stapling Tackers are probably the most familiar and are used to fasten materials
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Arrow T59 and T72 cable stapler review from mytoolkit

Arrow Cable Staplers

Hi Chuck again, This week we are looking at Arrow’s cable staplers – the T59 and Arrow T72 First Impression They look just like any other stapler on the market but it’s only when you see the staple that you realise
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Carton closers review by mytoolkit

Carton Closing Staplers

Chuck here, I’m looking today at the available tools for closing the tops of cartons and we’re looking closely at the Stanley Bostitch range. We find that the stapling of the tops of our cartons gives extra security and confidence
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