All about the 140 series and why a hammer tacker comes in handy

A 140 series Hammer Tacker 🔨 can Simply be the Answer 🔨

When A 140 series Hammer Tacker can Simply be the Answer...

Learn how a simple Hammer Stapler could solve your tool predicament.

As you can see from the tool pictured below, these Hammer Tackers don't require any input I.e. air or electric, deeming them incredibly flexible and versitile tools. 

Applications are wide and varied: including aspects of joinery, construction, flooring, packaging, wire fencing and much much more. 


A quick guide on Hammer Tackers



Our 140 Series Hammer Tackers are very well priced. As awlays, we offer an economy range as well as premium for when the tool is literally going to take some serious hammer!  🔨 😉

You can shop the range here. 

Alternatively, if the hammer tacker isn't for you, we also supply these light duty 140 Staplers in:

Hand (Manual)

Electric (Cordless rechargable) 

Air (Compressor)
See below a guide on the different staplers/staple types & their modes operation:
Fine Wire Staple Operations
Type 140 Series tools clearly come out on top in this instance where they're avalaible in all operation modes.
140 Series Galvanised Staples, also known as T50 staples, we stock in all leg lengths:
6mm - 14mm (Packs of 2k or 5k)
We also supply the above 140 fasteners (T50)  in a selection pack so you can order a smaller amount in different sizes. 
Even better news! 
we hold stocks of 140  Staples in Stainless Steel, anti-rust finish. Lengths of:
6 mm - 10 mm (Packs of 1k)
140 series Hammer Tacker 🔨 can Simply be the Answer 🔨

Well that ends our Staple Gun and Nail Gun Infographics. Need a reminder? Take a look at the MyToolKit series again here.

Don't forget to add these to your favourites, you never know when you may need help with purchasing a new Nailer or Stapler in the future. 

Others in this series have included:

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