Upholstery sweet shop! you can choose your favourite brand. Albeit a standard or extra long nosed Staple Gun requirements, if you are a home worker just starting off or run a production line, the best choice really is right here. All these air staple guns operate fine wire staples (ideal for upholstery work) you will find the best staplegun for upholstery. First off is the 71 series which tends to be the most popular amongst upholsterers, very close (in poplularity) in 2nd place is the 80 series group of tools which offer a very slightly wider staple than the 71. Followed by the 140 series where the crown width sits inbetween the two (71 and 80) Moving on to 50 and 53 series, weve got things covered.

Dont have a compressor? then we have the answer to that too. An ideal package, The Easy Kit...For Upholstery: A Compressor, a 71 Series Tool, an Airline and some staples, all ready to connect up and staple! Choose your preferred package, secure in the knowledge that the compressor will be the best compresor for upholstery. We even send you a PDF with some easy to follow information on setting up and how to best look after it.