606 Series 18mm Divergent Point Narrow Crown Staples

For the tough flooring materials!

These 606 Series Divergent Point Narrow Crown Staples are some of the specialist staples that we supply – and these are a must-have in the flooring industry! The legs of the staples (18mm) have excellent holding power, like that of two separate brads.

The staples power through tough woods and materials with ease. As well as the flooring industry, the 606 staples are particularly useful for heavy-duty fixing, framing, and wood paneling.

Their strong holding power is also aided by the divergent points on the end of the legs. This means that when the staple legs enter into the wood, they twist in opposite directions, embedding themselves firmly into the materials, ensuring that they won’t budge anytime soon. These staples are for use with our Rapid 606 Series/ 18G Combination Tool.


The 606 Series Divergent Point Narrow Crown Staples come in a leg length of 18mm. These have a 5.9mm Crown Width. These staples come in boxes of 4.8k.