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71 Series Black Staples

71 Series Black Staples

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71 Series Black Staples 

What works best when you can’t see it? 

There are no terrible punch lines here, just 71 Series Black Staples! These are Galvanised Upholstery Staples, in leg lengths from 8mm to 14mm, which have a black coating covering them. Type 71 Series Staples in general are perfect for many different light duty needs such as upholstery, insulation, up-cycling and general fabric repairs.

Black Staples are extra useful when working with dark fabrics as the staple just blend in, leaving you with a seamless looking project! There’s nothing worse than bulky fastenings taking away from the quality of the work. With these staples, you don’t have to worry about it! You can pair these multi-purpose staples with one of our fantastic 71 Series Staplers – we have a great range!  

If you’re looking for something a little different, we have 71 Series Staples also available in non-coloured Galvanisedanti-rust Stainless Steel, or Beige for working with lighter fabrics. 


These 71 Series Staples in black are available from us in leg lengths 8mm, 10mm, 12mm and 14mm. The shorter lengths come in boxes of 20,000 and the 14mm comes in boxes of 10,000. All lengths have a Crown Width of 9.1mm (or 23 Gauge).  

Some Alternative Brands 

It can be very confusing when different brands use different codes for the same thing! So we’ve put together a handy list so you can match your current staples to these ones! 

ATRO – 7 / BEA – 71 / BOSTITCH – 7 / DUO-FAST – 7 / HAUBOLD – 7100 / KIHLBERG – 670 /         OMER – 3G / PREBENA – V / SENCO – C / TACWISE – 71 

Got any questions? Whether it’s about these staples or anything else industry related, call us on 0333 8000 345 or message us to get advice from the experts! 

While you’re here, why not check out of video comparing the 71 Series Staple to the 80 Series! 

Suitable tools

Tacwise 71 Series Air Upholstery Staple Gun A7116V

Stanley 71 Series Stapler (4-16mm) 21671B-E

Bea Copy 71 Series Upholstery Staple Gun (4-16mm) 71-16-421

Tacwise 71 Series Upholstery Stapler Extra Long Nose (4-16mm) A7116LN

Fasco 71 Series Upholstery Staple Gun (4-16mm) F1B7C-16

Tacwise 71 Series Electric Stapler (6-16mm) 

Omer 71 Series Stapler OMER71.16

Kihlberg 71 Series Stapler JK10-670

Kihlberg 71 Series Stapler JK20-670

Kihlberg 71 Series Stapler JK20A670

Kihlberg 71 Series Stapler JK20A670L

Kihlberg 71 Series Stapler JK20-670

Kihlberg 71 Series Stapler JK20A670

Kihlberg 71 Series Stapler JK20A670L

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