71 Series Stainless Steel Staples

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71 Series Stainless Steel Staples are perfect for upholstery, including those outdoor jobs, due to their long lasting effects. Always used in marine environments as they avoid rust runs when attaching fabric. Cycle seat and jet ski manufactures also use this fastener.

Faultless when working with hardwoods, oak, accoya, cherry, walnut & other woods types, where anti-rust staples are vital. Where tannin levels are high, there will be a need to prevent a reaction, making these long lasting staples absolutely essential. Or, quite simply, wherever a high quantity finish is necessary then these are the staples for you.

Type 71 Fine Wire Staples are one of our most popular products for fixing fabric to wood. Stainless Steel Upholstery Staples like this are a real hit with the customers due to the strict quality standards - these are Grade 304 compliant!

Stainless Steel can withstand much more time in the elements before showing signs of wear. However, it will only withstand long-term exposure if the steel grade is correct for its environment. 71 Series Staples meeting Stainless Grade 304 do just this, making them an economical and highly practical option. Perfect choice! For use with 71 Series Staplers.

We are happy to be one of the most trusted Stainless Steel Staples UK suppliers!

This staple type equates to the following manufacturer codes:  Senco - C /  BeA - 71 / Omer - 3G / Josef Khilberg - 670 / Duofast- 7 / Haubold 7100.   

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These Type 71 Series Staples in Stainless Steel, are also be known by any of the following codes: 7 / 7100 / 670 / 3G / V / C / 71