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Elvex Quattro Corded Ear Plugs

Elvex Quattro Corded Ear Plugs

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Here we have our brand new Elvex Quattro Ear Plugs! These are industrial grade re-useable earplugs attached by a nylon cord. The earplugs have a four-ridged design that creates an effective noise seal and also to help keep them safely in your ears while you’re on the job. These earplugs out last the standard PVC plugs, and are more comfortable to keep in your ears all day. The earplugs even come in a handy case to keep them safe, and a chain to attach them to your belt or tool bag for an easy find! With a noise reduction rating of 25 out of 30, you know these earplugs are nearly perfect and meet all of the safety criteria. Just wash regularly and that all the maintenance they need!


You can speak to our experts on 0333 8000 345 or send them a message if you need any industry advice!


  • Noise reduction by 25dB
  • Designed to fit most ears
  • Material is resistant to oils and wax which lasts much longer than regular PVC earplugs
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