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Flooring Build-a-Kit: Air tool, Compressor and Airline

Flooring Build-a-Kit: Air tool, Compressor and Airline

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Experienced in the Flooring Industry? Know exactly what you're after? Build your very own personalised Pneumatic Tool Kit.

We've really got all bases covered with this one...

So, what exactly do you get for your money?

Here at MyToolkit, we like to make things simple – no one has the time to traul through pages and pages of information! So we’ve put all of our customer favorite flooring air guns in one easy to access space. All bases are covered in this one handy personalised kit. We even set it up before it leaves the workshop so you're ready to get going with your project as soon as it arrives!

This kit literally has everything, cover all bases with our handy kit builder for professional floorers.


Flooring/Sub-flooring Tool options include:

Compressor options include: 

This kit provides the perfect selection of tools for professional consumers, offering machines capable of a range of applications including; Flooring, sub-flooring, skirting, trimming and more. You name it and one of these tools will fix it! 


Still not sure and want to talk someone? Or have any general industry questions? Give us a call on 0333 8000 345 and ask for a kit expert. Alternatively, drop us a message using our online contact form/chat function on screen.

Not sure if this kit fits your needs? Check out the video below which identifies the uses for each type of staple:


Ideal for fixing hardboard and plywood flooring sheets for sub-floor preparation 

  • Sub flooring
  • Fencing
  • Wall and roof sheathing
  • Fastening gypsum board, decorative board and other interior boards

A must for large flooring contractors or the professional that likes to get the job done correctly and efficiently 


12 month warranty on the KIT: Tacwise 18G Brad Nailer (10-32mm) with Senco 3.8 Litre Compressor

Our manufacturers all offer different warranty periods for different parts. For a complete break down, please visit the original product page.

For more information see our Shipping and Returns policy.

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