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4 Joinery Top Trends

 It’s looking to be a good year for joiners everywhere!

Following our recent posts where we introduced some recent Trends :

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4 Joinery Top Trends

It’s that time of year again where we start to think about the trends and styles that will be popular over the coming year, and with the trends leaning toward hand-crafted, bespoke pieces of furniture, it’s looking to be a good year for joiners everywhere. So, what specific trends can we expect to see.

Bespoke handles:

In kitchens and bedrooms everywhere we will start to see bespoke and personalised door handles on cabinets, wardrobes and dressers. Plain cabinets will allow for a pop of personality as joiners are instructed to get creative and create unique pieces such as oversized timber knobs.

Exciting hardware:

From tapware and pulls to knobs and accents, joinery hardware with a modern twist will be big over the coming year. Accents of brass, chrome and matte black will start to make an appearance, instantly upgrading and adding interest to simple and modern kitchens.

4 Joinery Top Trends

Natural oak:

We will start seeing a lot of natural oak timber when it comes to kitchen, living room and bedroom joinery. A contrast of exposed natural oak and hand painted elements will give your living space a lived in and personal, yet modern vibe.

4 Joinery Top Trends-leaves


Forget boring beige and brown joinery, natural and neutral colours are dwindling when it comes to big areas like kitchens and we expect to be seeing a lot of blue and navy cabinetry over the next year or so. Pops of colour like vivid greens and reds are also projected to make an appearance in the coming months with people wanting to make a statement with their living spaces.

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