90, 91, 97 Series Narrow Crown Staplers. Simplified!

90, 91, 97 Series Narrow Crown Staplers. Simplified!

90, 91, 97 Series Narrow Crown Staples - what's the difference?

Here we go into the confusing 'Staple Waters' as we look at the 90, 91 and 97 Series Staples. The differences can and often do cause confusion as they are very similar, leading people to purchase the incorrect Staples.

So lets try and simplify...

The staples:

Firstly, if you already have a tool, it is essential to double check exactly which model you have to ensure you order the correct Staples. Within the group of Staple Guns there doesn't seem to be much difference between them. However, when it comes to fixings, it really is all about the crowns (the bit that goes across the top, nothing to do with royalty!)

Narrow Crown Staples

 Type 90 = 5.8mm | Type 91 = 5.95mm | Type 97 = 4.5mm. 

Type 90 Crown Width                Type 97 Crown Width

Many of time we have had customers who force type 91 staples though a 90 series tool, of course leading to broken Staplers!

A question that comes up quite often is " what does the series or type of a staple mean"? Well I am afraid that unlike Nails there isn't really any kind of pattern. Hence why we have created the following chart for refernce. More information on staple types can be found in our FAQ section here.


Series Available Finishes Leg Length Crown Width Type
13 series Galvanised 4-14 mm 10.65 mm Fine Wire Upholstery
14 series Galvanised 19-50 mm 10.7 mm Heavy Duty/Furniture
17 series Galvanised 19-38 mm 26.5 mm Wide Crown/Packaging
32 series Copper 15-22 mm 32 mm Wide Crown/Packaging
35 series Copper 15-22 mm 35 mm Wide Crown/Packaging
50 series Galvanised 4-16 mm 12 mm Fine Wire Upholstery
53 series Galvanised 6-16 mm 11.35 mm Fine Wire Upholstery
71 series Galvanised, Stainless Steel, Beige, Black 3-16 mm 9 mm Fine Wire Upholstery
80 series Galvanised, Stainless Steel 4-16 mm 12.8 mm Fine Wire Upholstery
90 series Galvanised, Divergent Point, Stainless Steel 15-40 mm 5.8 mm Narrow Crown/Flooring
91 series Galvanised, Stainless Steel 18-30 mm 5.95 mm Narrow Crown/Flooring
97 series Galvanised 6-25 mm 4.5 mm Narrow Crown/Flooring
140 series Galvanised, Stainless Steel 6-14 mm 10.6 mm Fine Wire Upholstery
4000 series Galvanised, Divergent Point 6-25 mm 4.8 mm Narrow Crown/Flooring


90 Series Stapler

97 Series Stapler


Generally all of this tool group can be used by flooring contractors and those in the furniture industry. However, when choosing the correct tool, the importance as aforementioned can only be based on the width of the crown in relevance to the job.

Once a decision is made about which Staple Gun you are going to purchase, then make sure you have a good source of supply for the staples. Whilst we have always supplied the 90 and 97 series, here at MyToolkit we only recently added the 91 series staple to our arsenal after popular demand.


So, to summerise...

  1. 91 Series tools tend to be electric 
  2. 90 Series Air Tools will operate fine wire staples, leg lengths from 15mm to 38mm.
  3. 97 Series Air tools will operate medium wire staples, leg lengths from 6mm to 25mm. Whilst this may seem restrictive, they are often considered better for thin ply and hardboard fixing in general. 

You can watch our YouTube video for a visual demonstartion of the differnce between type 90 and type 97 narrow crown staples here: 

At MyToolkit we maticulously select the tools we stock through a combination of customer demand, brand choice and range (economy to premium). You can rest assured that the vigerous selection process means all our Staple Guns offer quality processes. 

90 Series Staplers -  Stanley Bostitch, Senco, BeA, Tacwise, Ace & K, Josef Kihlberg and Rapid
91 Series Staplers - N/A
97 Series Staplers - Stanley Bostitch, Omer, Tacwise and Josef Kihlberg

I do hope this information has been of some use to you in what can be a very confusing industry.

FYI: We have now concluded our tool poster series by looking at the 140 Series and hammer tackers.

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HI Jesse, yes this stapler will take the 90 Series Staples.

Chloe @ MyToolkit

Chloe at MyToolkit


Will the senco s150ls take 90series narrow crown staples?


Jesse Mackin

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