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23 Gauge Brads

23 Gauge Brads

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These 23 Gauge Liquor Brads are perfect for when you need that little bit of extra holding power for your projects. Unlike the similar 23 Gauge Headless Pins, these brads have a very small head which helps them grip into the wood a little stronger than the headless pins.

However, the heads on these brads are still so slight that no additional wood filler may be needed to tidy the surface up! These 23 Gauge Liquor Headed Brads are fantastic for use in indoor and dry environments for fine beading work and picture framing. The liquor coating makes the brads very economically priced, and are perfect to start building up your fastener collection – they’re always handy to have around!

The 23 Gauge Headed Brads come in leg lengths ranging from 12mm through to 35mm, meaning lots of variety for you to tailor these pins to exactly what you need! Just pair these brads with the unique Ace & K 23 Gauge Head/Headless Pinner PT630N which is specially designed to drive both types of 23 Gauge Pin that we supply!


The 23 Gauge Headed Brads come in leg lengths of 12mm, 15mm, 18mm, 22mm, 25mm, 30mm and 35mm. All sizes are Liquor finishes and come in boxes of 10,000 brads.

You can always call the office on 0333 8000 345 or send us a message if you need one of our experts to help with your stapling and nailing queries!

Suitable Tools

Tacwise 23G Headless Pinner (12-35mm) A6435

Arrow 23G Headless Pinner (12-25mm) PT23G

Arrow 23G Headless Pinner (12-30mm) TU-216-2330K

Stanley Bostitch 32 Gauge Headless Pinner 

Ace and K Headless pinner PT630N

Ace and K Headless Pinner TPN2345S

Hitachi 23 NP35A Gauge Micro Pin Nailer

Makita DPT353Z.

Trusty TYI630 Pinner


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